Electional astrology selling house

Electional Astrology using Classical/Traditional Methods

Other methods of interpretation also have their origins in classical astrology. When electional astrology is undertaken as a type of horary astrology i. It is important to have as accurate a time as possible in order to ascertain the most favourable date, given how rapidly house cusps change in the course of a day. The best moment for a wedding, for example, could be the moment at which both partners sign the marriage certificate at the registry office or take the marriage vow during the wedding.

However, it is not always possible to give the exact time for an event. An example would be emergency surgery, in which it might only be possible to avoid a few negative chart placements. Electional astrology claims that an undertaking or event that begins under favourable horoscopic circumstances is more likely to have a positive outcome. Appendix: Some popular fallacies Further reading. The result is the best intro to medieval astrology yet written. I found this book impossible to put down. Apprentice Books, pages, paper.

In at the deep end: Are you receiving me? Mutual receptions: Our magic wand. The trial. The default option. New old techniques. Born to be bad. A word from Neptunia. Let's get this straight: The rule of three. The nodes. The moon. The seasons. The nature of the question. Lilly's calculations. The master astrologer: William Lilly: Astrology on the barricades. Pictures of Lilly. The background: The most beautiful music. Time is money. The moon as mind.


Why it goes wrong. Advanced techniques: The assessment of temperament. Medical: Sexing the cat. The internal king. Comment : Even better than his first book. Gone is the constant sniping at contemporary astrology. While it was cute, it kept Frawley from getting down to the task at hand, which he does here.

Preliminary considerations

And that is to teach the simple rules by which you may employ traditional eg, William Lilly's astrology in your practice. Often given in pithy form: Dignity shows their [eg, the planets] power to act. Reception shows their inclination to act. Aspect shows the occasion to act.

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Frawley explains in detail how Lilly read horary charts, which, by the way, was not quite the way Lilly described it himself. Frawley tells us why.


Electional Astrology

Confused by all the detail in horary astrology? Along the way are a host of observations, for example, that Lilly does not represent the "golden age" of astrology, but rather its tarnished silver age.

Electional Astrology part 2

Many surprises, too. As the title suggests, it attempts to unravel the causes of the recurrent military propensity for blunder - without resorting to transits of the outer planets in order to do so. Astrology that challenges, astrology that makes us think. Astrology as warfare, astrologers as generals, for better or worse. Another great book. His original book on horary dates from around not , as there are charts in it from It had numerous editions in the author's own lifetime, and was then brought out in a new edition in by John Story, a copy of which I have in my library Ballantrae edition, bless his Irish soul.

Of his edition, Story said: Reader, it gives me great pleasure to again publish this useful store of knowledge for the benefit of my fellowmen. My task is now to issue to the world the Sixth Edition of "Horary Astrology," it being the true key to Scientific Prediction. The first edition was issued by the late Dr. Simmonite, M. The present volume has been very much enlarged, more than any of the former editions, and contains rules by which thousands of enquiries with regard to the future may be answered.

Of it, Grant said, Both Dr. Story found their experience in England where they were largely dealing with a homogeneous population with a common hereditary background It should always be remembered that all astrological interpretation must be made in light of environment - environment of all kinds - and the middle of the twentieth century is a long, long way from that of the middle of the nineteenth century. In both books, paragraphs are numbered, but the numbering in the two editions do not match. The editon makes copious use of glyphs. Italics in the are dropped in Indents are not respected, lines tend to run on.

Various minor typos have crept in. The will sometimes delineate a chart, give its data, but not show the chart itself. An example: , paragraph , Absconded Mother, Dead or Alive, pg. PM, The querent's mother was found drowned; her mind at times was insane. Grant has also seen fit to include Pluto, and to second-guess in parenthesis, as promised where it suits. This meddling dates his work. Story's original had a useful index but the Absconded Mother was not in it. The AFA has a very detailed table of contents which, in setting out the Table of Contents, above, I ignored, it ran to more than entries , but as the TOC is in order of appearance, it is not much help in navigating the book.

While I'm on the subject of gripes, the AFA has taken lately to publishing books in a cumbersome 7.

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  • Electional Astrology using Classical/Traditional Methods.
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This is another one of them. All that aside, this is an enormously useful book. The basic point of view is Lilly; there are, if I am not mistaken, tables taken directly from Lilly presuming they were original to Lilly himself.

An Introduction to Electional Astrology

AFA, pages. Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars would you give this book? Tell us! Introduction: general rules in electional astrology; 2. The moon in electional astrology; 5. Comment : The introductory chapters are an excellent overview of the subject. Included, for the first time I can remember, a rule for lunar occultations eg, when the moon eclipses a planet : Occultations prevent you from getting the full benefit of the planet occulted.

The cookbook section updates Robson. Hampar does not cover as many subjects as Robson, but for the ones she has, she gives far more details, including sample charts. Hampar treats electional astrology in ways similar to that given horary astrology, eg, she gives the key to finding one's own rules.

A very good book. Llewellyn, pages. The planets 3. The houses: Turning the chart. The axes: , , , , , 4. The satellite 5. Planetary hours 8. Divisions of the ecliptic 9. Collection Sorting out the jumble Perfecting the matter Antiscia Fixed stars The Part of Fortune Regarding specific questions The same goes for Venus, the planet of money. Start your enterprise on or shortly after a New Moon.

A New Moon in your second house or in Taurus is ideal if the business is primarily financial or if it involves material objects. A New Moon in the second house is also the right time to ask for a raise. A New Moon in your sixth house or in Virgo is perfect if your business is service-oriented.

Look for beneficial aspects sextiles and trines between Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn rules structures and organizations; Jupiter rules luck and expansion. You want them working together. Avoid squares and oppositions involving those two planets.

An astrological calendar can tell you when an aspect is exact or at its peak. But an aspect between two planets often creates a buzz even before the crucial moment, when the aspect is approaching. Afterwards, the energy diminishes quickly. I suggest that you scan ahead in your calendar to see if any major aspects are approaching. To make sure that your brainchild gets noticed, launch your enterprise — by which I mean put up your shingle, cut the ribbon, sign the articles of incorporation, shake hands with your partner — around midday.

That way, you can be sure that there are planets near the top of the chart. The way you schedule a meeting depends entirely on what you wish to accomplish. Follow these rules:. To encourage brainstorming, look for a conjunction, sextile, or trine between Mercury and Uranus, the planet of originality. The Moon in Gemini also encourages an explosion of ideas.

Full Moons can be times of high emotion. Schedule the meeting during a waning Moon, preferably during the last few days of the lunar cycle. Make certain that the Moon is void-of-course.

Electional Astrology - Astrodienst Astrowiki

Many ideas may be floated at the meeting. Much discussion may occur. But guess what? Nothing will come of any of it. Once again, it depends on what you have in mind. The fire and air signs are boisterous and engaging. They may not generate as much intimacy as other signs, but under their happy influence, the good times roll.

Simple elections for buying and selling

Look to Venus and Jupiter. Okay, I know I keep mentioning this influence. Not in this case, though. Do not — I repeat, do not — purchase a computer or a car when Mercury is spinning backward. Once every 12 years, Jupiter travels through your fourth house. If you need to buy or sell a house now, take these suggestions:.

electional astrology selling house Electional astrology selling house
electional astrology selling house Electional astrology selling house
electional astrology selling house Electional astrology selling house
electional astrology selling house Electional astrology selling house
electional astrology selling house Electional astrology selling house

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