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The planetary Stellium in Libra indicates times of pursuing intense diplomacy. And Vedic astrology would say that your Saturn through the 12th House transits ended when Saturn left your 12th House Libra on 3. Hello everyone, since I have became more involved in this site I have learned that I have a stellium in my 12th house and another on in my adjacent 6th house. This is even more prominent when it is in Cancer, Pisces or Libra; on the contrary, it will preserve most of its powerful traits when in a fire sign. If the planets are in both the same. He is far too independent to loose his identity in the relationship.

Stelliums in the Signs. Moon in 12th House Moon placed in twelfth house is an extremely sensitive placement and will need cautious study. It is the freedom to be able to express our deepest thoughts and to feel comfortable expanding these ideas and sharing them with each other. The 12th house is very personal, and secluded. With the Part of Fortune in 12th house you achieve happiness and success through aligning with your inner or higher Self. Hallo everyone and a happy new year! The Twelfth House in Libra. Also, in my whole chart, all of my signs are either in the 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, or 12th house.

I also have Moon opposing Sun and Jupiter. The dreamy nature of the twelfth house fits in well with the independent desires of Uranus. One is a stellium by sign, made up of four or more planets in the same zodiac sign, but not necessarily in the same house of your astrology chart.

Capricorn On Twelfth House Cusp Capricorn in 12th House - Capricorn on the cusp of the Twelfth House You may be very intuitive and maybe even psychic when it comes to yours and others' professional and public goals and ambitions, and your abilities often are your secret tool for gaining extraordinary results. I have Virgo sun uranus pluto and sun in 12th. He knows me better than I know myself at times. Include a 8th house moon and Venus in Scorpio in the mix. What happens here, because you were born so far from the equator, you have 3 signs contained within your 12th house and the opposing 6th house.

The last house of the zodiac also recognizes that we can feel bound in life — stuck and confined. Their hidden strength is their innate sense of justice and fair play, but their self-undoing may come from their unconscious desire for luxury. Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology First house represents the beginning, the birth and 12th house in Vedic Astrology, being the last house completes the lifecycle and represents the endings.

The twelfth house is the end of the road where we find ourselves after having passed through all the other phases of living. Those three planets all land in the first house of the birth chart. The 12th House is the house of Universal Consciousness. I also like that my Solar Return Fourth House has Venus, for a lovely home or love in the home, so the potential there is nice as well-and Solar Return Mercury conjunct natal Mercury almost exactly the same as when I was 19 for more wonderful life, death, and the universe discussions in the home, but on the cusp of the Fifth House.

It could be the outsider living in a small apartment in a crowded city, the homeless, the one who chooses to live in a tent, and on the other scale, someone who is very rich, very famous, and therefore needs to live secluded and protected. Also, Mars in Leo in 11th house.

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While there is a great possibility to be talented in a certain area of life, there is also a great possibility of struggling immensely in that area of life also. The Twelfth House compels us to seek closure in a spiritual way as an aid to positive growth. Libra on 12th House Cusp People with Libra on the 12th house cusp who enjoy the seclusion of places of beauty are more refined and gentle than they would have one believe. This is much more complex than a planet in a sign alone. For example, Sun in the 12th trine Moon in the 4th can find clarity through emotional Moon connections to the past 4th House.

Virgo is the sign of precision while a 12th House emphasis is often seen in the charts of those who work at night. Determining the influence of the energy of a combination of planets is difficult than interpreting a single planet in a house. The Sun in the Houses. The second house is signified by money as well as financial matters and indicates the financial circumstances or fortune, gain or profit.

The 8th is giving or sacrifice to be able to be closer to someone. The position of the Moon by house, and to some extent, by sign, will show where your heart is, so to speak. Back to Interpretations Top. Those with a stellium in Libra can feel like building your house on a seesaw.

When assessing Composites only aspects to the Composite Ascendant are taken into account and NOT the aspects to the cusp of the 1st house. The 12th house is also the house of hidden enemies and normally the person engaging a psychic attack tries to stay hidden or anonymous. However, I date a Scorpio 4th house Sun, 12th house Cancer Moon and my all around inquisitive and curious ways get frustrated when it is about making him speak about what he feels. How many planets are involved, which planets they are, and how they are aspected make a big difference to the quality of the stellium.

When the Moon transits the 12th house it is a good time for a retreat, a rest, to be quiet and to figure out what is going on. Wish i had read this article 25 years ago. Stellium in Libra. Lilith Second House. Need to work on expressing your values to others. I've read many times that Pluto in the 12th makes you a natural psychologist. Just so, our first instances of self-expression that we offer into the world are vulnerable and easily defeated, but the effect of their success or failure on our personality is enormous.

Examining motivations and emotions and trying to bring into conscious some of what has previously been unconscious. I have a 12th house stellium in Leo. Everybody is eager to know the effects of different planets in the 7th house of their horoscope. So, in our example, if your ruling 4th House planet is the Sun and it is placed in your 12th House loss and enlightenment of Aquarius, you may experience a loss of home, happiness or mother.

Pluto in 12th House - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Mars Capricorn in 4th. The twelfth house always suggests life beyond the norm. They may even think you are so "strong" that you do not have the sensitivities of other people and do or say things that are very painful to you. So, there!. When the sun sets I slouch back to my lonely spire…. Venus in 12th house gives rise to a spiritual leaders, writers, and physiologist who want to help people and healing people.

That for Jupiter is an obvious monogram derived from the initial letter of the Greek name. Saturn's has a similar derivation [ The ideal form of Mars' symbol is uncertain, and perhaps not related to the later circle with an arrow through it.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Mercury's is a stylized caduceus. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Observatory. Bibcode : Obs Von dem neu entdeckten Planeten. Report on the history of the discovery of Neptune. Smithsonian Institution. Effemeridi astronomiche di Milano per l'anno The Planets and their Symbols.

CAO Times. Christian Astrology. Of the two emblems related to [Capricorn], one is a horizontal line terminating with a downward moving arc ending with a loop having an extended arc , and the other has a V-shaped beginning whose downward arc convexing to the right. Hail Eris! Hidden categories: CS1 errors: missing periodical Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia articles that may have off-topic sections from November All articles that may have off-topic sections Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. New millennium astrological chart. History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Traditions, types, and systems.

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Natal Electional Horary. Solar symbol circled dot. Mercury 's winged helmet and caduceus. Earth; a Solar symbol sun cross. Alternate symbol, a stylized globus cruciger. Scythe handle down , emblematic of Ceres as goddess of the Harvest. Jupiter 's thunderbolt or eagle. H in symbol taken from discoverer's last name, Herschel. Neptune's trident.

Pluto's Cap of invisibility the circle and a bident the arc under the circle , also a typical attribute of Pluto. PL monogram for Pl uto and Percival Lowell. Variant symbol used mainly by French, Spanish, and Italian speaking astrologers. Variant symbol invented by German astrologer Hermann Lefeldt in Used mostly by those that follow the Hamburg School of Astrology. Variant symbol used mostly used in German-speaking countries and Denmark.

Arrow of the centaur , aiming to higher realms. Capricorn [28]. Body and head of a goat with the tail of a fish or face and horns of goat. Two or more planets in the same sign. A circle with a line implying two objects are in the same place also, the starting point of an angle. One sign apart The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the upper half of a hexagon see Sextile.

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Ixion may raise issues about our morals, if we are presenting one persona to the world while our less-than ideal actions are demonstrating something else entirely, something other than what we know we should ideally demonstrate. Ixion may be related to where or how we may compromise our morals for personal gratification, or draw experience where we may be tempted to do so, and how we must deal with the karmic ramifications of doing so. Keep in mind, Ixion's role is just beginning to be explored in the astrological community.

Myth and astrological placements at the time of discovery only lend insight into the true nature of a newly discovered planet or asteroid. Only time-tested research will refine Ixion's true astrological influence. Ixion, like Pluto, has a mean-motion resonance with Neptune, which means that for every two orbits that Ixion makes, Neptune makes three orbits.

This also means that Ixion and Pluto have the same orbital resonance , meaning they both orbit one time between their synods. The Neptune-Ixion synodic cycle is about years. The last cycle began in in sidereal Virgo. I added this section due to a question I received asking if Ixion crosses inside Neptune's orbit. One astronomical unit AU is the mean distance between the Earth and our Sun, approximately 93 million miles million km. Ixion's "apparent entry into Neptune's orbit" is fitting to an Ixion-Neptune trait of creating "deceptive appearances.

Ixion appears to cross into Neptune's orbit around CE and appears to leave in about CE, but only when looking down upon the solar system. However, Ixion is actually still further from the Sun then Neptune's orbital distance during this time, at about 34 AU in This is due to Ixion's high Ixion reaches its perihelion closest distance to the Sun in at about 30 AU. This is the only time it creates an Ixion-Neptune orbital distance resonance.

Its distance then increases from the Sun, although still appearing to be inside Neptune's orbit when looking down upon the solar system.


Minor Planet Chaos

Ixion and Saturn conjoin throughout with three geocentric conjunctions occurring on February 15, June 6 while retrograde and October The Saturn-Ixion synod occurs on July 4, , which completes the Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle that began in and initiates the new year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle, which continues through occurring in Aquarius. The synod lies in late sidereal Scorpio, close to the Sagittarius cusp shown in the above star chart.

The retrogrades occur in the latter part of sidereal Scorpio, conjoining Ras Alhague, the head of Ophiuchus, and the leg of Ophiuchus which stands over the sting of the Scorpion and Ara, Altar of the Centaur. Saturn and Ixion's conjunction brings emphasis to long-established karmic-based tyrannical authoritarian scenarios, generally involving people in strong leadership positions.

At a soul level, the players in such scenarios are fulfilling underlying evolutionary energy currents that must be brought to resolution for humanity, despite what it may look like on the global stage of incarnate life. The stellar energetic of the retrogrades, over the sting of the Scorpion, can express just as a scorpion's sting feels, as a smite attack, lashing out with intense emotional vengeance.

However, for those on a path of self mastery and who are willing to delve within self to own their emotions and address their own personal issues rather than project them outward a main lesson of Scorpio , this area of the zodiak offers opportunity to choose a path of inner healing leading to metamorphic transformation.

Astrology Tarot Psychic Guidance, Women's spirituality, High Priestess musings

This is to surrender lesser egoic self, to place it upon the pyre of the Centaur's altar Ara , upon which drips the venom of the Scorpion's sting the often harsh lessons of life as a transmutational elixir that acts as a catalyst for an inner metamorphosis. This is in preparation to awaken to a greater unified consciousness, reinstatement into a higher order resonance, which can then occur over the high altar, which extends from Alpha to Theta Ara in early Sagittarius and lies under Galactic Center.

Saturn and Ixion's synchronous retrogrades provide this opportunity throughout and this is also the underlying theme set for the new year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle. Saturn, after its final conjunction with Ixion at the end of October , will then fully enter sidereal Sagittarius in November Ixion will slowly follow, but Saturn will then move away from Ixion, also engaging the new year Saturn-Ixion cycle.

Chiron also aspects as well throughout The Saturn-Ixion conjunction is one facet of the geometry formed by all of these planets. The Saturn-Ixion synthesis and its role in this overall planetary geometry became active and dominant at the start of , continuing throughout the year. Eris, Haumea, Sedna and Ixion continue their aspects throughout , and Haumea, Sedna and Ixion continue their aspects through The Saturn-Ixion synthesis over the sting of the Scorpion can express as harsh lashing out of long-established authoritarian tyranny.

There is also opportunity for transformation of exploitative tyrannical Ixion-like established patterns, although Saturn, as a constricting and consolidating force, does not particularly support change, yet at the same time demands taking responsibility for these Ixion-like behavioral patterns. Yods create a resonance that impels the application of two energetics to create a solution in a third area of life.

This can be somewhat paradoxical for a few reasons, but this Yod is even more exemplary of this paradox. Saturn and Ixion have been in a synchronous retrograde, tightly conjoined, over the sting of the Scorpion, which in part, incites long-established patriarchal tyrannical forces to demonstrably intensify in the world, whether as authoritarian-type people or authoritarian bureaucratic systems and establishments.

Saturn is restrictive, stoic and resistant to change. In contrast, the Haumea-Jupiter synthesis is exceptionally dynamic to mobilize a rebirth in consciousness aligned with a higher truth. It is exceptionally progressive, expansive and promotes growth and change. These two apparently conflicting energetics, as the base points of the Yod which are sextile , actually work in strength together, however in an oscillatory fashion due to Sedna's presence at their opposite mid-point to address and stimulate Sedna as the solution.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer – The Star Throne

This means that the interactive dynamic of these two forces energetically support the re-emergence of the long-suppressed exiled feminine principle on Earth and to entice the emergence of the feminine force in the world, especially stimulating women to emerge as this driving force. Paradoxically, the arousal of the Saturn-Ixion synthesis not only incites a vengeful exploitative expression of tyrannical forces upon the global stage, but underlying this externalized dramatic is an intense karmic responsibility of those in positions of power in the world, that acts as a transmutational elixir mixed with the Jupiter-Haumea force to catalyze Sedna's reawakening and reemergence.

Despite what it may look like upon the global stage, those exemplifying the Saturn-Ixion tyrannical theme, at this time, whether they know it or not, are the catalytic force to spur the re-emergence of the feminine principle on Earth. This is Saturn-Ixion karmic retribution occuring upon the altar of the Centaur. Chiron, Sedna and Jupiter-Haumea create another Yod, thus we have two interlocking Yods working together. Chiron impels an inner healing journey, to get in touch with, face and heal our wounds to establish a deeper level of wholeness and an expression of our unique full potential.

This impels a process of unconditionally embracing our wounds with the willingness to feel any emotion attached to those wounds rather then defending why we are wounded with judgmental mind.

ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology

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