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Aug 6, Varyon genos! New Tyrs. Apr 8, Likewise for rite images for another arpg as well. This is where I'll pop all of the genos or imports I have up for grabs! And all progress will be kept. Dec 31, Hello, I'm Nabakisan, a digital artist that open a commission. Commission Info closed. Sep 11, My Old Gallery nintai-oni. Please tell me which one you like most.

I like 2 best but my bro likes Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Thank you! ONE is more flourescent in its color scheme, while TWO is more naturalistic; both are fantastic, but personally I'll have to go with your bro on this one Great work as always! Thank you bunches and bunches! I appreciate the feedback. Because: 1. I just want to make this accurate. They might really be rappers, but we have to wait to an ot12 song to know. With YT views, News portal search even some polls are telling Sakura is the most popular.

She can be a visual. They need a solid rapper which is either chaewon or Yujin. Hyewon is still stiff while rapping so making her rap mainly in their debut song will surely take the hardest part of the preparation. They literally just had 1 vlive. And I think you are too biased on wonyoung. She is 47 kg based on what she write. Ah, and some correction, Sakura is If there is an official source that Sakura has a different weight now, please do share the link, so we can update her weight.

Thank you! How Cool she is??? I know my opinion is irrelevant, but here are the most accurate positions according to no one else but me: Eunbi: main vocal, lead dancer, leader. Sakura: sub-vocal, visual Hyewon: lead rapper, visual Chaeyeon: main dancer, lead vocal Ahn Yujin: main rapper, lead vocal, lead dancer Nako: lead vocal Hitomi: dancer, sub-vocal Yena: lead dancer, lead vocal Chaewon: lead vocal Wonyoung: sub-vocal, dancer, center, visual Jo Yuri: main vocal Minju: sub-vocal, dancer, visual.

Kriesha Said that Minju is good at english. The other main vocalist spot is either going to go to Chaewon, Chaeyeon or Yena. Only their official statement or official song would tell. I hope she get a fair amount of both. Also, there are other members who are better than her , Vocalist, Visual. Btw I agree with your opinion on their positions.

Chaeyeon is better even in their very very very performance Chaeyeon sing for the main vocal parts and Eunbi just sing the Sub vocal 1. In that case you would agree that Yuijn is even better since she was main vocal in Sorry not Sorry, while Chaeyeon was sub. Also Yena was main vocal for her team while Goeun was sub, and Goeun is much better singer than Yena. Minjoo and Hyewon are the Visuals.

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I also think her singing is better than her dancing sometimes when she dances she looks a bit stiff. I think eunbi might be a lead dancer instead of main since chaeyeon is just so amazing?? Chaeyeon might be a lead vocal instead of a main as well but everything I said is just my opinions. Chaeyeon has far better technique. Chaeyeon struggles even more to reach high notes.

I think a lot of ppl started noticing her vocals after she attempted the high notes in we together? Once the pics for all the members will be revealed, the profile will be updated all together. This was the first time she centered an HKT48 single. On November 14, she was appointed the ambassador for the promotion of Cultural Property of the Kagoshima prefecture. This was her first solo center position. On September 1, started a twitter and instagram account. Starting October she was chosen as a model to represent Saibu Gas Co.

Starting October 30, was part of the cast for Cabasuka Gakuen. It is from oldest to youngest, right? Then Nako should be placed after Minju, since Minju is a months older than Nako. She will obviously be either a Main or Lead Vocalist. The order should be changed. For every group except the leader everyone is arranged according to decreasing order of the age. Yep but except they place minju after nako, when it should be minju first then nako. Minju was born months earlier than nako.

Look at their birthday. I think it will be very unlikely chaeyeon will be both a main vocalist and main dancer position lol. The group photo looks so weird, could you fix it in order of ranks cause now it looks like Yujin is 4th while Yena is. I also think it will be a toss up in who gets main dancer or main vocalist for eunbi and chaeyeon, but I dont think one person will get both.

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Anata mo, anata mo, minna no kokoro ni Sakura Sake! Kagoshima-ken shusshin, Miyawaki Sakura sai desu. Eunbi hits high-notes effortlessly. Chaeyeon faces the same problem but with all her high notes. Bigbang imo is a bit of a special because of the number of members. Eunbi, and even Yujin and Chaewon are probably better than her. Everyone talks about how Eunbi was having problems while trying to reach the note for the final performance which was not the case btw, she was having phrasing problems, not problems in reaching the note. Yes she could.

Her voice ruined Rumor for you? The highest was the note after that, during her adlib a F 5. Chaeyeon has a bigger vocal range? Sakura is part of visual line, Yujin should be also a lead vocalist and Eunbi should be lead dancer not a main dancer. Only Chaeyeon is the main dancer. Also Chaeyeon should be a lead vocalist not a main vocalist. Only Yuri is the main vocalist. When it comes to tone and technique Chaewon is better. Also maybe Eunbi. Not being biased here. I agree with you that Eunbi should be the lead dancer.

I actually think Yujin and Chaewon might be better than both. But yeah, we should wait until they debut. Debbie was the last member since they were supposed to be five. Sakura is visual.. The dog in the picture belongs to her the sister. Also a note! Yujin and Minjoo rapped more than her, even Wonyoung Chaewon and Sakura did.

I think Yuri is the only member who has potential of becoming a main vocalist. As for Eunbi Chowon helped her a lot in their last performance, Eunbi was only a main vocalist in rumour apart from their last performance. During the whole show she was at times criticized for her pronunciation. It is clearly visible that Chaeyeon is more confident in her dancing skills than in her singing skills.

Chaeyeon has the potential.. Chaewon does not have that much of a presence compared to other girls. Chaewon is the only member of the final lineup who was not in top 12 past 11 weeks of the series even once. In a era where main vocals like Dawon wjsn , Haseul Loona are not getting enough lines it would be a miracle if she gets the amount of lines she deserves. Ummm hyewon is not in top visuals, it should be wonyoung is the visual bcuz she is included…btw your position is accurate i wish that position will be there position…XD.

But still for me, all of them are beautiful. Also, I think Yujin can be a rapper too. Btw, I like the way Yujin rap than Hyewon. Her side to side performence was actually hella smooth. I think not well observe the ioi and wanna one, they only have one center and the center is always the rank no. Kwon Eunbi — leader, main vocalist, main dancer Miyawaki Sakura — sub vocalist, sub rapper Kang Hyewon — main rapper, sub vocalist Choi Yena — lead rapper, lead vocalist, lead dancer Lee Chaeyeon — main dancer, main vocalist Kim Chaewon — sub rapper, lead vocalist Kim Minjoo — lead dancer, sub vocalist Honda Hitomi — main dancer, sub vocalist Yabuki Nako — lead vocalist Jo Yuri — main vocalist Ahn Yujin — lead dancer, lead vocalist Jang Wonyoung — center, maknae, sub vocalist.

However if they have a choreography like Loona Wonyoung will stand out. Why are most people bent on making Hyewon as main rapper. Even Chaewon has pretty decent experience in rapping. The maknae is two years yonger than me. Her technique is still one of the best among the girls. Hyewon got an instagram account. Should change the wording somehow. I voted on that poll at the bottom and expected either Sakura, Chaeyeon or Eunbi to be in the top but Minju is first?? Actually Sakura has improved her dancing a lot but yeah I agree, there are more skilled dancers in the group.

So do we know what Yuanying is spelled with? Is it the spelling above or something different? My opinion: 1. Wonyoung Vocal, Center, Visual, Maknae 2. Yuri Main Vocal 4. Yena Vocal, Lead Dancer 5. Nako Lead Vocal 7. Hyewon Lead Rapper, Sub Vocal 9. Hitomi Lead Dancer, Sub Vocal Chaewon Vocal, Sub Rapper Minjoo Vocal, Visual Chaeyeon Main Dancer, Lead Vocal. Sibilings: Chaeyeon- 2 younger sister Chaeryoung and Chaemin Sakura- 4 years younger brother Hyewon- little sister Nako- 2 sisters, younger and older Yena- older brother Seungmin. Correction: it has been brought to my attention that Hyewon does not have a little sister, she was talking about her little dog.

Oh thank you! Idk, but thanks for clarifying! Eunbi is a better dancer than hitomi so she would be the 2nd main dancer. Yena is part of the dance line Rest are agreeable. Kim Chaewon has more probabilities of becoming the main vocalist. The members were selected through a special audition on Nemousu TV Season Other than these the only one I know is that Wonyoung- pink. The color is according to the izone chu teasers so because not all have been released not everyone has been revealed but when they will I will update. Her favorite foods are watermelon and ice cream.

I think Yujin and Yena are going to be the main rapper and the lead rapper Hyewon is not going to be a rapper. She was mocking ahn yujin bc she told Eunbi to rap like her yujin and then showed her how to do it. Chaewon was never in the top 12 until the last episode where she was ranked in the top 12 for the first time. Mnet uploaded the videos of the top 50 girls practicing their assigned songs.

You can see she has the rap part. She will probably be the main rapper. Are you telling me that someone who is more lacking vocally will become the main vocalist instead of a talented, great main vocalist material like Chaewon? Or Eunbi. She got eliminated before they recorded their own version of rumor. I think it would be better if their individual pics are the version 3 so that it at least matches with the group photo and they look really better in version 3.

I just thought of this from their recent live of them singing. Eunbi really admires IU. And Eunbi has to take on the main vocalist role for Rumor because she is the only original member from that actual concept evaluation that debuted in IZONE. I think we should just wait for their real comeback to see the actual positions. Eunbi, Chaewon and Chaeyeon- any of them can be the 2nd Main vocalist. We have to wait for the official comeback to see who was chosen as the 2nd main vocal.

Nah Chaewon has a soft voice but can reach high notes easily. Also she was the Main Vocalist for that Rumor dance practice because she just kept her parts. Positions I reckon Eunbi: leader main vocalist lead dancer lead rapper Sakura: vocalist visual sub-rapper face of the group Hyewon; lead rapper sub-vocalist Yena; lead dancer lead vocals rapper Chaeyeon; main dancer lead vocalist Chaewon;lead Vocalist Minjoo; vocalist visual possible dance position Nako; vocalist Hitomi; sub-vocalist possible dance position Yuri; main vocalist Yujin; lead vocalist main rapper lead dancer Wonyoung: vocal visual center.

Chaewon as 2nd main vocalist than Chaeyeon as 2nd main vocalist if we look at their last release as a whole band Chaeyeon was more in charge of rapping and dancing than vocal. But honestly according to the highlight medley it seems like Yena might be on the run for 2nd main vocal. My take on this; Jang Won Young- center, maknae, visual, vocalist, lead dancer 1 will be great for variety shows Miyawaki Sakura- sub- vocalist Jo Yu Ri- main vocalist Choi Yena- lead dancer, vocalist will be great for variety shows Ahn Yujin- visual, main dancer, main rapper, lead vocalist 2 will be great for variety shows Yabuki Nako- lead vocalist 1 Kwon Eunbi- main rapper, lead dancer 2 , vocalist, leader Kang Hyewon- visual, rapper Honda Hitomi- dancer, sub-vocalist Kim Cheowon- lead vocalist 4 Kim Minjoo- visual, vocalist, rapper?

I searched the rankings and Chaewon WAS never on the top 12 her highest ranking before the last episode was 15 but in the last episode she was only addd in the top She was only on the Top 12 during the final episode or the final ranking. Chaewon is singing what sounds like the chorus.

Probably a Lead Vocalist. The preview starts with the bridge, which is sung by Yuri, and she does the high note. She has improved since then, and it was mostly because of pronounciation. Then we have Yuri and Minju, same goes for them. Lastly, we have Yena, who did an awesome high note!

She even bought the Irene ver. I know, but in this profile some members are listed as Vocalist and others as Sub-Vocalist. I think it would be better if all of them were listed as either Vocalist or Sub-Vocalist. I do not think Chaewon has a powerful nor high range voice. So I do not think she deserves to be a main vocalist. I think she should be a lead vocalist instead. Hyewon is still the main rapler and choi yena is lead rapper. Ahn yujin is just lead vocalist. Please take not. And also, chaeyeon is still the main vocalist.

Shes got the hight note in their upcoming song. Kwon eunbi : main dancer, leader, lead vocal 2. Miyawaki sakura : sub vocalist, visual, face of the group 3. Kang hyewon : lead rapper, sub vocalist 4. Choi yena : lead dancer, lead vocal, main rapper 5. Kim chaewon : lead vocalist, sub rapper? Lee chaeyeon : main dancer, main vocal, sub rapper?

Honda hitomi : lead dancer, sub vocalist 9. Yabuki nako : lead vocalist Jo yuri : main vocalist Jang wonyoung : sub vocalist, visual, center, maknae, sub rapper? He is usually a rapper but has the Sub-Vocalist position because he is the best vocalist out of the rap line and gets to sing in some songs and special stages. I also did the same thing before. Therefore making two members with the position of the Main Rapper; Yujin and Yena -I now kinda agree with Chaewon being a Main Vocalist, because Yuri and her were the ones to hit the high note before the chorus. Because she hasnt rapped in produce 48 as far as i know but not sure or in the MV.

Its about that rumor dance practice? Its just a dance practice, it doesnt show their positions nor a confirmed sub unit. According to their mv their position should be: Eunbi: leader main dancer main vocalist Sakura: vocalist visual sub rapper Hyewon: main rapper vocalist Yena: main Or lead rapper Lead dancer lead vocalist Chaeyeon: main dancer lead vocal Chaewon: lead vocal Minju: vocalist visual Nako: lead vocalist Hitomi: lead dancer vocalist Yuri: main vocal Yujin: Lead dancer lead vocal Wonyoung: lead dancer vocalist visual center maknae.

This is my opinion on their positions! I have yet to listen the rest of the album, so I might edit them later. I put her as a Lead Vocalist because she got some pretty high parts, but those were more Lead Vocal-level. And she was the only one to have a proper rap in the song. She got the same parts as Yuri, who is obviously the Main Vocalist, and she is one of the best vocalists in the group. Minju: Vocalist, Rapper, Visual Minju sang some easy lines and did something similar to a rap. Nako: Lead Vocalist? Yujin: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist?

Yujin is a good dancer and was at the center during a chrous. Eunbi : main vocal, main dancer Sakura : vocalist, face of the group Hyewon : lead rapper Yena : main rapper, lead vocal, lead dancer Chaeyeon : main dancer, lead vocal Chaewon : lead vocal Minjoo : lead rapper, visual Nako : lead vocal Hitomi : lead dancer, vocal Yuri : main vocal Yujin : lead vocal, lead dancer Wonyoung : lead dancer, center, maknae.


In my opinion, this is my position to them based in the whole album 1. Sakura -Vocalist 3. Hyewon -Lead Rapper, Vocalist 4. Lead Vocalists can do some adlibs too. Eunbi is a Main Vocalist… All the parts she got in the album… are Main Vocal parts like singing before Yuri in the Bridge…while Chaewon in the other hand only sings a part in La Vie En Rose… while in the other songs only Lead Vocal parts… and the inly reason why Chaewons sabg the part in La Vie En Rose is because Eunbi already sang in the first and second verse… and if Chaewon is Main Vocalist they should at least gave her more parts….

Eunbi; leader lead dancer main vocalist lead rapper Sakura; visual face of the group vocal sub-rapper Hyewon; lead rapper Yena; main rapper lead dancer lead vocalist Chaeyeon; main dancer lead vocalist sub-rapper Chaewon; lead dancer Minju; visual rapper vocalist possible dance position Nako; lead vocalist Hitomi; vocalist possible dance position Yuri: main vocalist Yujin; lead dancer lead rapper lead vocalist Wonyoung; lead dancer vocal visual center.

Well they are also some cases that sometimes main vocalist has few lines rather than lead vocalist who has more lines but i also agree to you. Eunbi can be but Chaeyeon is just a lead vocalist but i also think that sometimes main vocalist is not singing in bridge parts…oh i also added that in the b-side tracks i can only hear yuri do the adlibs more than of them and the lead vocalists has an equal line distributions, which means they can be before or after the real main vocalist which is yuri. Also, in techniques Chaeyeon and Chaewon is better than Eunbi.

You know why? When you listen to her voice clearly you will hear from her voice a nasal technique which is like nako but more powerful. Because Yuri is the first Main Vocalist, and she got all the high notes in all of their songs. Chaewon is very skilled, stop sleeping on her pls.

And she pulls off a high note in almost every track. And most of her lines are rapped. She rapped in almost every song. She sung a high note in some or one of the tracks. The reason i think of her as a rapper only is because the rumor performance doesnt include all of the members. And she shared rap lines with Yena. She also rapped in some tracks aside. But i listed her as a rapper because the situation is the same with Chaeyeon. But she hasnt shown her rapping skills on stage or any tracks so better list her down as a Lead Rapper or Rapper at least.

I guess only Yuri is the main vocalist, the rest of the girls in the vocal line are lead vocalists including eunbi and chaewon, who are both not main vocals. Anyhow, most of the girls in the group are good vocalists. Positions are just positions no need to prove that Eunbi is a Main Vocal because her performance will prove it. Her voice is just like Joy of Red Velvet even Joy has a pretty and sweet voice just like Eunbi she was not a Main Vocalist even a lead vocalist of their group. Because her voice is just pretty and sweet and not that strong even she can hit a high note.

So I think Eunbi is just a Lead vocalist. Also, Chaewon is better than Eunbi. Bro I think you need to listen more! Hey Wizones I suggest watch their performances in the debut showcase and look at their parts. Their you will know who the real main vocals are.

Yuri and Eunbi deserves it. Lmao I listened to the songs and watched their live performances and where did Eunbi get Main Vocalist lines?

In fact, she had to share her high note again with the actual Main Vocal, Yuri. Hitomi and Nako have Korean names! And i dont think wonyoung is good enough to be a lead dancer lol she is just a vocalist visual and centre. Sakura- Vocalist, Visual — Not a ton of lines, but some decently iconic ones — Pretty as all hell and promoted as such. Minjoo- Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual — It might seem off to have Minjoo listed as a lead vocalist, but she really does get quite a few lines, and her vocal skills are much stronger than everyone thought. She gets all the high notes, and sings like a god.

I agree! Well Eunbi had the same lines as Chaeyeon, according to this Chaeyeon should be a Main Vocalist too then. I think Eunbi is main vocalist and Chaewon is lead. Chaewon gets a lot of parts but I think Eunbi has been given more demanding lines and adlibs, she seems closer to Yuri Imo Main vocals: Yuri, Eunbi. Chaeyeon on the other hand has been doing rap and vocals, making me believe her position is Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer and Rapper. In a group of 12, is very unlikely that there will be only one main vocal.

Just accept it. Chaewon and Eunbi are like supports for the main vocals, even yena is in other songs , however, are given different distributions and notes in different songs. Check out my positions V. OH MY! You get my point why some fans including I thinks Eunbi is more deserving as a main vocal. Hey hey! Her nickname was Ppangtomi. But in a big groups there should be two Or more main vocalist For example Seventeen has two Exo has three Cosmic girls have Six. Their level might be almost equal but in terms of pars given to them Eunbi is surely a main vocal for a 12 memner group at least 2 main vocals.

Have you listened to Beautiful Color??? Eunbi : main dancer, main vocal, leader Sakura : face of the grup, visual jpn , sub vocal Hyewon : lead rapper, sub vocal Yena : main rapper, lead vocal, lead dancer Chaeyeon : main dancer, lead or main vocal? Wonyoung : lead dancer, center, visual, sub vocal, maknae.

If you will make Eunbi a Main Vocalist therefore she will just a lead dancer because she will focus on her singing than dancing also her dancing skills are far from Chaeyeon just like on I. I even there are so many good dancers they are just Lead dancers because their dancing skills are far from Chungha so I think Chaeyeon is the only Main Dancer here. Eunbi is just a Lead Dancer.

If we are talking about Yuri taking the high notes, good lines and adlibs in the songs, then the same goes for W1 Jaehwan. The same goes for Eunbi. In a large group, there are usually more than 1 main vocal if there are amazing vocalists in the group. The point is to share the line distribution as fairly as they could according to their ability. Just like Jaehwan, Yuri is already set as main vocal the moment they announced her ranking. Why not Eunbi since she has the 2nd most lines in the album?

Please, recognize Eunbi as a main vocalist. She definitely has more lines and ad-libs than Chaewon. Okay so… according to all of us who shared our opinions this is the most accurate and fair positions we could give. She shares almost all of her lines with Chaeyeon. Also, a Lead Vocalist can also do the high notes for once. Look at my comment above that about sums up why Eunbi deserves to be a main vocal more than Chaewon.

And she shared lines with Yuri during the bridge and also pre chorus. She also hits high notes. She was the Main Vocalist of Rumor, but the rumor performance doesnt include all of the members, so i cant really judge but still she got to be the Main Vocalist in that performance. But her rap lines are more like 2 words or phrases that takes up to 2 seconds to rap. So i think she cant be considered even as a sub rapper because her rap lines that are 2 word phrases are so limited.

So she should be a Lead Rapper. Yena -She was mainly the one who rapped in the MV. And she also rapped in almost every performance in their debut showcase. The reason i cant call her a Lead Rapper is because the rumor performance doesnt include all of the members, just 5.

But i can consider her only as a Rapper because its not a full group performance, only certain members. I consider and prefer her as a Rapper over a Sub because she rapped in 2 performances even though one performance didnt include all members and the other one she didnt have so many amount of rap lines.

The evidence is high and we have the right to believe it so. In the meantime, everything is pointing that way. Since most fans agree on Eunbi being a Main Vocalist and Chaewon being a Lead Vocalist can you please change their positions…. Yeah I agree with these positions but hyewon is just lead rapper and yena is the main rapper and just lead vocalist and lead dancer. I even yoojung is likely to be the main dancer but her skills are far from Chungha so she is just a lead dancer.

Lines gets assigned based on how much that member fits that song.

Warsaw Highs and Lows

The thing that counts that most is the type of line, if they sing high notes and stuff like that. Chaewon even got parts similiar to Yuri, so…. First of all, Chaewon got some high notes in La vie en rose and Secret Time. Second of all, dude are you ok? Also, I have a question: Chaeyeon and Eunbi literally got the same parts in almost all of the songs, Chaeyeon even got some high notes. Same goes for Yena, she got tons of high notes and high pitched parts, at this point she could be a Main Vocalist too. Can you please also add to Chaeyeons profile.

Why is it so hard to have two main dancers??

Japanese Saying – Neko no te mo karitai –

There are so many groups who have two main dancers. I think we can just put any position on anyone, they are so versatile guys. They literally have so much variations. For example, she shares some of her lines with Hitomi, Wonyoung and other sub-vocals. Also yeah, unluckily some Main Vocalists could not get many lines because of their voice. She can reach high notes very easily and can even do opera, and she has a melodic voice that goes well with ballads. In her sub-unit, which has pure and innocent songs, she usually was the 1 or sometimes 2.

Hope you understood! I kinda think that it is acceptable to have more than one main dancer. Just like in wanna one, they have 3 main dancers. She can also be main dancer and main vocal at the same time, just like Woojin, who handles two main position in wanna one, which is main dancer and main rapper. There is no limit for their talent.

Chaewon is better than her, but they could both be Main Vocals with Yuri. The one who sang the highnote in Harmony was Yuri you can clearly hear the a little bit husk in the voice. Please update the positions to match this, as this seems to be the generally agreed-upon positions. May be! So…… we can guess only according to their debut song!

For me Eunbi deserves also the Main Dancer title bcuz in the concept sorry not sorry, eunbi did a small solo dance and also in the earlier ep were she also did a small solo dance alongside with the woollim trainees…. We cant really base the positions on the votings in the dance evaluation, voters vote for their bias, not the most talented. Minju should be a Lead Rapper because she was the one who rapped and shared rap lines with Yena in the MV. Facts about Sakura: Idol Room ep.

Chaeyeon is fierce and powerful while eunbi is elegant and smooth. In term of range, chaewon is 2nd under yuri. Eunbi is really good in mid range and her vocal tone is appealing, at least imo. Do you really think Sae is better than Chaeyeon? I agree with everything, except I want Chaeyeon to be a main vocal with Eunbi.

Setting aside the exact number of seconds they sing in the debut song, they pretty much sing the same parts. Plus, Eunbi actually struggled a lot with the debut evaluation song. The top 3 are the 1st tier Main vocals. I agree with your positions except for one. I think Wonyoung is only a sub-vocal instead of a lead vocal. This is base on their songs mate. Then why Kang Mina of season 1 not get the main dancer position? She got the 1st on their dance evaluation. I think it would be better for know to put only Yuri as the Main Vocalist for now.

Everyone is arguing about who should be the second Main Vocalist between Chaewon and Eunbi, and now even Chaeyeon. Their agency is obviously pushing this vocal line, in fact they all get the pre-chorus, chorus and high notes in many songs. Yeah, actually Eunbi as the 3rd Main Vocalist is good. Their voices are all pretty different, but they go well together. I think Chaeyeon and Eunbi are quite similiar in vocal too. Chaeyeon struggles a bit to reach some high notes, you can see it by the way she opens her mouth.

Better watch idol room and weekly idol and you will know that Eunbi is not a main dancer only lead. Usually the public votes for the ones that shined more and stuff like that, not for the best dancer. Chaewon, instead, got a very high part which shares with Yujin and is pretty similiar to the one sung by Yuri and Chaeyeon. The bridge is sung by Wonyoung, Minju and Yuri. Eunbi got the chorus like Chaewon.

Chaewon got the chorus twice which both have a high note and even sang an adlib. Lastly, in Colors Eunbi sang the high part of the chorus with Chaewon, while Chaewon got just a normal part of the chorus and many other lines with Wonyoung. Overall I think they both could be the Main Vocalists, but you really out there saying Eunbi deserves to be the Main Vocalist more than Chaewon. Eunbi is a dancer, let her be a dancer. Please put the visual position to Hyewon instead of Wonyoung. Show me your ways.

She seems to be a main vocalist along with yuri. And wonyoung is a visual as well. Lee Gaeun is my ultimate bias but these rappers are obviously better. The producers of rumor said that having a strong rapper in the song was more important then having a strong vocalist.

Chowon was a better rapper then eunbi so they switched positions. And personally for me I think chaewon is strongest vocalist after yuri and better then eunbi and chaeyeon. Hyewon is considered to be the prettiest along with minju and wonyoung in Korea so I think her visual position is justified. Also, you already wrote a comment like that and I even answered since you wrote a lot of bullshits tbh lol.

What do you have against Chaewon huh. These positions are getting messy. The reason? Well, everyone is arguing about who should be the second Main Vocal based on the songs. Chaeyeon shared almost all of her parts with Eunbi and did some high notes too, from this point of view Chaeyeon should be a Main Vocalist too.

Oh my God. LOL,that as a highnote for you?! Wow, your really finding ways just to make Eunbi not a main vocal. Just a question where did Chaewon get a highnote or ad-lib again??? First of all, can you like stop using your other profile to make people think someone agrees with you? Can you actually recongnise a bridge? Is the visual line in weekliy idol really real?!

Dude are you okay? Also, most of the reason you guys want Eunbi as the Main Vocalist are kind of stupid? Eunbi is a great vocalist, but at this point if you want her to be a Main Vocalist than Chaeyeon should be one too. Chaewon is better at singing than Eunbi, just let each member have their specialities. Ugh tbh I think the visual role is stupid, because I feel as though people more focus on this role more than anything else, if you disagree then fo watch pd48 but this visual role has just completely overshadowed actual talent.

It must suck to only be labeled as the pretty one. But I wonder how it feels to have tons of talent but not get anywhere because you dont fit a standard. You should put main dancer again to kwon eunbi…for my insights eunbi and chaeyeon are really a ultimate potential dancers but with different techiques, eunbi is a bold and powerful dancer while chaeyeon is smooth and flawless dancer and they are only the members often knows all the other groups choreograpies….

Also if you want you can just disregard their possible position and just make it Vocalist, Dancer and Rapper to make the issues gone. I cant belive it. And the others. And like so what if Chaewon got the same part with Yuri she freaking did the bridge with Yuri which is more of a proof then yours and Chaewon did not do a highnote in Memory it was Yuri dude. You even said inappropriate words. She basically got all the same parts as Chaeyeon, at this point Chaeyeon should be considered a Main Vocalist too.

The only one who got hard lines was Yuri, since she got high notes and stuff. The bridge is the part sung by Wonyoung, Yuri, everyone and Yena. Lead Vocalists or even Sub-Vocalists can get the bridge too. The parts Chaewon sang had a high note at the end, and also she did one of the adlibs. She has also rapped in Produce 48 for Very Very Very.

In fact, everyone thought she was going to be the Main Rapper. Hyewon was the one that focused the most on rap, and she rapped twice. She did an actually very good rap in Colors and she had some lines similiar to rap in La vie en rose. I think we can consider her a Main Rapper, especially if Yena decides to focus on singing. Minju rapped in PD48 and she kinda rapped in La vie en rose too. I think we can consider her either a Rapper or a Lead Rapper. They were just the same as the first pre-chorus. I think we should stick to already confirmed positions and not keep changing it.

We can all agree that Yuri is the main vocalist, but no one can seem to agree who the second main vocal is if there even is one. Also sakura and minjoo are the only ones people can agree to be the visuals. Also both Eunbi and Chaeyeon are main dancers. When will the company or Naver post the positions? Uuhh… for the arguing to stop I suggest this would be the positions… with this positions everyone would be happy… please upvote if you agree or simply write agree in the reply section. Like imagine being so biased that you have to negatively effect another member to bring your fav up.

The gap between her and Chaeyeon is far too large for it to be reasonable. I agree with you. Agree, I lowkey wanted Hyewon to be the Main Rapper since she was the only who actually picked Rap in their position Evaluation and she also introduces herself as a rapper.

And so that Yena could focus on her vocals since she has potential. Members colours according to idol room: Hyewon — coral Chaeyeon — blue mint Minju — white Hitomi — peach Eunbi — purple Wonyoung — pink Sakura — pastel pink Nako — sky blue Yuri — orange Chaewon — mint Yena — yellow Yujin — blue. How is that not? Chaewon is a very very great vocalist so I think it would be better if Yuri, Eunbi and Chaewon could all be Main Vocals for now so that everyone would be pleased and happy and if in case there would be changes or they will announce the positions the we could just change it.

She was the best among them after chaeyeon. Only Chaeyeon has that title, just like how Yoojung, despite being a great dancer, only got Lead Dancer position while Chungha got Main. Also Chaeyeon is a Lead Rapper because she raps in so many of their songs. I totally agree! If Eunbi is listed as Main Vocal than why not Chaewon? If Chaewon is listed as Main Vocal, than why not Chaeyeon too? I also agree that Eunbi and Chaeyeon are both Main dancers, because they were asked to do the dance battle. If Eunbi would be just a lead dancer, why to even ask her to do a dance battle with the only main dancer?

They both have good dancing skills, even if their style is different, we already know this from PD People die and suffer because of them, be respectful. Should we trust it or not? Wonyoung has an older sister. They are all great vocalist at the end of the day. As for Sakura.. Just my two cents. If you notice the trend in Wanna One, Jaehwan and Sungwoon always share most of the chorus parts of their ballad songs. For example, in Always, Daehwi and Minhyun lead vocals sang the first chorus and then on the second chorus, it was sang by Jaehwan and Sungwoon.

Yena and Yujin possible lead vocals shared the first chorus and then the second chorus was sang by Yuri and Chaewon. Also in Always, the climax the first half of the last chorus was sang by Jaehwan and then followed by all of the members singing together. It is similar to Memory where Chaewon sang the climax and then it was followed by all the girls singing all together with Yuri doing adlibs.

Btw, can we please type out our opinions with more respect? They are basically sisters for so long. This is not PD48 anymore. They are no longer in a competition. Also Nako is Lead Vocalist. Theres numerous comments of this on youtube. She just got accepted according to many sources!! I just hope they would finally announce the positions. This was episode 8. Yena And Hyewon were in the same high school but they never met.

We decided to just put Yuri as the Main Vocalist for now since everyone was arguing about who should be the second Main Vocalist between Eunbi and Chaewon. For who everyone says Eunbi is not main dancer,yes she is. Because she is good skills than Yujin,Hitomi,Wonyoung and Yena. Thats why we dont say she is lead dancer. I think she is 2nd main dancer. I thought Kim Chaewon is a main vocalist??

These 2 rookie groups have same amount of members. I think both groups will be able to nail the songs. Its interesting to see that Minjoo rank 11 and Chaeyeon rank 12, also one of my biases , are 1 and 2 respectively on the polls! Even we could not trust it at least we know…. Tbh almost all of th3 group are visuals i mean half of them were chosen by the trainees themselves as that. The profile is listed based on age, not rank! Oldest closer to top, youngest closer to bottom hope that help:D. I think Chaewon deserves to be a Lead Dancer more than Yujin….

What do you guys think?? Wonyoung should be visual too! Wonyoung is not Taiwanese. She was born in Korea so she is Korean. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Total Votes: You may also like. Kpop Quizzes Quiz: Can you name all 20 soloists? Special Event. Christian Kyle Patuasic. Frauline world. Nika Abapo.

Jo Yuri must be the main vocal tho. Main Dancer and lead vocalist, Lee Chaeyeon. Minju: — Minju is friends with Kreisha Chu. Nako: — Nako has known Sakura since she was a child. Chaeyeons birthday is January 11th. Puteri Rabiatul Adawiyah. Yuri really improved since Idol School Minjoo will debut in a girlgroup in Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad.

Sometimes Eunbi has lisps of letter S. Nako her vocal is better than Eunbi.. Yena and Yujin can also rap so maybe you could add sub-rapper to their positions? Wong Si Qi. Chaeyeon has a younger sister, which also took part in Sixteen, but also sadly got eliminated. Jer Villena Cola. Can I ask where did you get their positions? It was actually from their skills during the whole season of pd Chaeyeon is a main vocalist. Kagura No. Now Lee Chaeyeon is the most popular member of Izone. Ario Febrianto.

Otaku Spirit Anime

Yuri and Chaeyeon! Yasmine Sultan. Uhhhh Kwon Eunbi is not a main vocal, only Jo Yuri. Yena can rap too. Yuri and Chaeyeon are the main vocalists and Eunbi is just a lead dancer and lead vocalist. Erysia Runai. Himari Suzuno. Kim Taeyeon. Ayty El Semary. Lily Perez. Pristin are a better example than Loona but yeah I agree. Harleen Gill. Produce 48 groups have only two main vocalists, equal to Wanna One and I. A Fan. Ahn Yoojin looks like Bae Suzy. Vivian koo. I just found it so funny.. Dale Diaz. Sakura has her own YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her playing video games.

Is the source reliable? Ahn Yujin will also be lead dancer and lead vocalist along with lead rapper, most likely. Minju is the best friend of the soloist Kriehsa Chu, and she even features in of her songs.

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