Cancer horoscope 10 november

However in , it was revealed that the stars have shifted so our zodiac signs have changed too.

Astrologers around the world celebrate their love of the stars on March 20 which is considered the start of the astrological year. Sharing both our common and diverse perspectives on how we relate to the stars is the gift of International Astrology Day. Sign in.

November 2018 Horoscope Cancer

As a Scorpio born on November 10th, you are curious and imaginative and will spend a lot of your time with your own thoughts. You are also persistent and ambitious and will surround yourself by powerful people at almost all stages in life, because you tend to take inspiration from them and better yourself when in such company. Get ready for an exceptional astrological perspective below.

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The zodiac sign for November 10 is Scorpio. Astrological symbol: Scorpion. This is the symbol of the Scorpio zodiac for people born October 23 - November It is representative for fierceness, stubbornness in desire, power and mystery. Its brightest star is Antares while it covers an area of sq degrees. It is placed between Libra to the West and Sagittarius to the East. The Spanish call it Escorpion while the French use the name Scorpion for the November 10 zodiac sign but the real origin of the Scorpion is in the Latin Scorpio. Opposite sign: Taurus. This is important because it reflects upon the curiosity and faithfulness of Taurus natives who are thought to be and have everything those born under the Scorpio sun sign want.

Modality: Fixed. The quality proposes the charming nature of those born on November 10 and their efficacy and persistence in regard to most life situation. Ruling house: The eighth house. This house governs the unconscious, unknown and death but also the material possessions of others. This explains the complex, troubled and full of mystery and secrets nature of Scorpios and their desires that are so hard to satisfy.

Ruling body: Pluto. This celestial body is said to influence affection and loyalty.


The glyph for Pluto is composed of a cross, a circle and a crescent. Pluto also suggests the diligence in the lives of these natives.

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Element: Water. This is the element of sensitivity and regeneration and rules over those associated with November Water as element combines with the other three to make things boil with fire, evaporate in the presence of air and model earth. Lucky day: Tuesday. This day is under the governing of Mars and symbolizes eagerness and motivation.

It also identifies with the meticulous nature of Scorpio natives. People born on November 10 are introspective and caring with those around them but can also be very cold and spiteful with those who do them any wrong.

Today's Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

They are poised and unhesitating and often surround themselves by a veil of enigma. They hate confrontations when they are at fault but the rest of the time they can be very opinionated and even cruel. They love to combine their passions and enjoy journeying a lot. Positive traits: These natives are persuasive and curious and love a good challenge. They are mysterious and secretive but at the same time their life choices could be summed in two words: clarity and instinct.

Decan 1 Cancer Horoscope October 12222

They are vivacious companions and have mastered the body language and are often putting on small displays for those close just to persuade them to embrace their convictions or do something that they want. Negative traits: Learning to stop being so bossy and demanding is one thing Scorpio needs to do. People around need nice words and scrutiny not only questions and demands. Those born on this day are possessive for no particular reason and very bull headed at times.

They are sometimes fickle and nothing seems to be going right. They can be quite manipulative and tricky to handle when they are set to obtain what they want at any costs. Lovers born on November 10 are passionate and secretive. It is also a good time to hire people. You will have plenty of applicants. Children and children figures have been prosperous all year, but now and especially after the 23rd they prosper even more.

Your personal prosperity seems strong this month too.

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Until the 22nd your financial planet is in the happy-go-lucky 5th house. It favours investments that cater to youth — music and entertainment. Financial opportunities come at resorts or places of entertainment. On the 22nd the financial planet moves into Sagittarius — a sign of expansion. Financial goals are very high now. Financial horizons get expanded.

Cancer horoscope 10 november
Cancer horoscope 10 november
Cancer horoscope 10 november
Cancer horoscope 10 november
Cancer horoscope 10 november
Cancer horoscope 10 november
Cancer horoscope 10 november

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