Aquarius weekly 4 to 10 tarot reading

You may feel out of the world as your career is starting from today. This is a good day for those couples married; news of conception or child birth will please them. There is time to plan and begin to set up new goals. This is a period you want a break from your work and think about your work most seriously. A lot of time and thought goes into getting things scheduled and organized. Your thought process takes front seat. You find all your answers in introspection, and know instinctively what needs to be done to make something work.

This day may dredge you up in intense feeling of sadness. You would like to stay alone in introspection. Share your time and energy with others, loved ones and try to work in team, in a group. Your health too needs care and attention. Take medical advice and appropriate rest to rejuvenate yourself. Some of you have to face a minor surgery today. You feel very possessive of your things today. Obsession for improved physical appearance will put you on your toss. Salon, parlor, spa and massage will draw your attention.

You are demanding in relations, but very caring and giving too.

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Presenting a gift or fulfilling a cherished dream of your spouse is on the card. You support your partner with heart and soul. And if you are honest with yourself, you would admit that you already knew it was nearing its end but were stubbornly holding on to it nevertheless. Well, fate never changes in the face of stubbornness. So you might as well accept it and leave with the lessons. You prefer logic over emotions, Libra.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You are an air sign, after all. But logic won't help you out in your relationship woes, only emotions will. Or, rather, your emotional intelligence will.

Listen to your gut and your emotions this week. They are a well-spring of accurate insights, which can guide your intelligence the right way. And you can start the practice by listening — truly listening — to what your partner has to say. You don't like taking the lead in real life, Scorpio. At least, not out in the open.

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You prefer working behind the scenes and being the voice behind the throne. Just so no one ever knows that you were the one pulling the strings all along. But that's not the case in your love life. You will always fail if you take that stance. Instead, you need to take the lead and guide your relationship and your partner right from the get-go.

Both of which come very handy in relationships. Your love life seems to be falling apart at the seams, Sagittarius.

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And this week, you will be on the verge of doing so too. If you lose control over your emotions, that is. So when the storm clouds of misery descend, don't listen to sad songs or watch sad movies. Even if that's all you want to do. And don't hole up in your house and go underground either. Becoming more active is the only way you will manage to keep your emotions in check and be able to hear your thoughts more clearly. Because emotions can do your thinking for you. They only give signals as to what needs to be thought about.

To be honest, Capricorn, deep in your heart you know that your career is your life's biggest priority. And family and relationships can never compete with that. Even if they come next on the list. So it's time to own up to that fact so you don't end up blindsiding anyone. Because it won't be fair to them if you promise you will give them more time but are unable to keep that promise later. Everything seems rosy and easy in the beginning when you start something new, Aquarius. Even relationships. But wisdom lies in not demanding it too quickly if the hope is for something long lasting.

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    Aquarius weekly 4 to 10 tarot reading
    Aquarius weekly 4 to 10 tarot reading
    Aquarius weekly 4 to 10 tarot reading
    Aquarius weekly 4 to 10 tarot reading
    Aquarius weekly 4 to 10 tarot reading
    Aquarius weekly 4 to 10 tarot reading

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